FTTH- Fiber to The Home

In this digital era demand for internet services is very high, it has become a very basic need for everyone. The demand triggered the opportunity to Connect clients using the lates technologies of Fiber optic cable which uses  light pulses and has the potential to carry large amounts of data expeditiously. We are connecting all residential customers to affordabel, reliable and fast internet within certain regions.

Fiber Ready Ares: Mlolongo, Lower Syokimau, Sabaki, Athiriver, greenpark and Katani

FTTB- Fiber to the Businesses

Since 80% of businesses depend on internet we are also connecting all busineses within our reach with a very reliabe internet. Our FTTB Network is has a redundancy framework and traffic load balancing to provide high quality service to the customers and ensure there is 99.9% uptime to facilitate reliable buiness operations.


We are also givng a solution of security to every home and business. We do CCtv installation at affordable Priceses. This will anable you to monitor your premises 24/7 and will reduce issues of theft and dishonest employees for businesses clients.